Why Join Agriculture for a Democratic Workplace?

The reason is simple: Congress must know that the United States agricultural industry stands alongside other sectors in the general business community in strong opposition to the undemocratic Employee Free Choice Act. Agriculture has a voice in this fight, and needs to speak with one clear voice to oppose card check!

There are some in Congress who mistakenly believe that agriculture does not have a “dog in this fight,” because “agricultural laborers” are exempt from the National Labor Relations Act.  However, beyond those in the fields, virtually every worker down the line falls under the NLRA and would be vulnerable to a union “card check” campaign.

If your association members’ workers are not directly subject to EFCA, you can be sure that their customers and vendors are. Once uncompetitive union contracts are imposed, those increased costs will be passed up and down the supply line.  And of course there is the principle of the matter: Agriculture believes that all workers have the right to vote by secret ballot in union elections. To effectively eliminate the secret ballot is un-American.

So by adding your association’s or organization’s name to our coalition, the coalition is made stronger, and our message becomes louder. Together, through letters to Congress, lobbying in Washington, DC, and getting the word out to the media and the members our respective communities; we need to let Members of Congress know that agriculture stands in strong opposition to the EFCA!

How does Agriculture for a Democratic Workplace interact with the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace (CDW)?

The Coalition for a Democratic Workplace has been leading the fight against the Employee Free Choice Act. The CDW has over 500 members from the broader business community, including a number of agriculture groups.  Agriculture for a Democratic Workplace compliments the efforts of CDW by making agriculture’s collective voice heard in strong opposition to EFCA.  We encourage you to consider joining both the ADW and the CDW!



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